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ISH Frankfurt

The ISH 2017 is right around the corner

Haberler, Şirketler

As you know, big events cast their shadows. Schwank will be represented at the ISH in Frankfurt from 14 to 18 March 2017. We would be happy to welcome you to our booth and present our exciting innovations under the Revolution motto.

Professor Schlosser

5 questions to our Managing Director, Prof. Schlößer

Haberler, Şirketler

After his first eight months as Managing Director at Schwank, we interviewed Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedhelm Schlößer on his impressions of the company, the industry and current events and backdrops.

ISH Frankfurt

World premieres of building heating systems

Haberler, Şirketler

Schwank, the expert for innovative building heating and cooling, will be presenting several world premieres in the field of tube heater technology and regulation technology under the motto “Revolution”.

Stufenlose Modulation

Modulation: Gas and air reconciled

Haberler, Şirketler

‘Modulation’ is not identical to modulation. It is only through the simultaneous adaptation of gas and combustion air can the advantages of the customisation of the heat output according to the actual heat requirement completely unfold.

Schwank bei Der Zeit

From a proud lineage

Haberler, Ödüller, Şirketler

Zeitverlag has collaborated with Dr. Florian Langenscheidt to publish a collection of over 100 exemplary German family businesses. One of them: Schwank.

Wirtschaftswoche: Schwank global market leader one more time

Haberler, Ödüller, Şirketler

Schwank was awarded the Weltmarktführer 2018 prize this year. Our company was able to convince the jury for the second time in a row.

Logo ErP 2018

ErP 2018

Haberler, Şirketler

Since 1st January 2018, the ErP Directive has applied to space heating systems for buildings such as luminous (plaque) and tube heaters. SCHWANK manufactures the most efficient heating systems that achieve excellent values in this category. Learn more about the requirements of the new Ecodesign Directive below.

Success at TOP 100: Schwank belongs to the innovation leaders 2018

Haberler, Ödüller, Şirketler

For the 25th time, the TOP 100 competition chooses the most innovative firms amongst German medium-sized enterprises. Schwank GmbH is one of these innovation firms this year.

Schwank at its best!

Haberler, Ödüller, Şirketler

Thanks to its leading heating technologies and outstanding product and service quality, the WirtschaftsWoche recently named the Schwank Group the “world market leader”.

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Schwank ist Weltmarktführer 2022 laut WiWo.