World premieres of building heating systems

ISH Frankfurt

Schwank, the expert for innovative building heating and cooling, will be presenting several world premieres in the field of tube heater technology and regulation technology under the motto “Revolution”.

Schwank, the expert for innovative building heating and cooling, will be presenting several world premieres in the field of tube heater technology and regulation technology under the motto “Revolution”.

Schwank will present its products at this year’s ISH in Hall 8, Booth H63, with a grand display of innovations and two world premieres. Under the motto “Revolution” and a matching booth design, the market leader for infrared heating systems will display almost the entire range of energy-saving building heating systems, including gas infrared luminous and tube heaters with condensing boiler technology, air doors, gas motor heat pumps and regenerative condensing and heat recovery systems as well as applications for flexible control.

World premiere of a new generation of tube heaters

The new generation of tube heaters with the name deltaSchwank shall celebrate its world premiere. The innovative tube heaters combine modern burner technology with a perfectly matched gas-air mixture. The devices therefore achieve exhaust emission values at the level of modern condensing boilers and ensure a permanently high efficiency in modulation, i.e. heating in partial load operation. The Schwank engineers have paid special attention to the development of the burner unit. The development approach is unique in the tube heater industry. A gas-air mixture now allows full modulation with simultaneous adaptation of the combustion air and gas quantity. Therefore, a decrease in the radiation factor or of the thermal efficiency is prevented in the partial load range and remains consistently high over the entire control range and even increases slightly. This causes lower energy consumption for operators and low NOx levels, which so far only modern condensing boilers have been able to achieve. And those who already have the ErP Directive for 2018 in mind are doing twice as well with the new generation of burners: with effect from 01.01.2018, all manufacturers must state the efficiency (seasonal efficiency) of their heating systems within the EU. Products that do not meet the minimum efficiency specified by the Commission may no longer be sold from 01.01.2018. The “seasonal efficiency” value consists of a combination of different efficiency criteria. In addition to the radiation factor, the thermal efficiency, the controllability of the radiator and the need for auxiliary energy are taken into consideration. These factors need to be calculated under full load and even the partial load efficiencies need to be calculated with 85%. Tube heaters, which can keep their efficiency constant – such as deltaSchwank – during partial load operation, comply with the ErP Directive. This is already applicable even today. This makes Schwank the first manufacturer of tube heaters in the world to combine a gas-air mixture burner with tube heaters. In addition, the market leader has opted for an intelligent automatic control unit that can be integrated into a BUS system: the best prerequisite for a comprehensive building automation system.

World premiere of SchwankControl: The Apple amongst the hall heating control systems

The new SchwankControl regulation combines innovative regulation components with a user-friendly user interface. Away from complex data entry, to an intuitive menu navigation via touchscreen, as users know it from their smartphones. The newly created user interface with real-time calendar function allows quick regulation of heating zones, the programming of shift times as well as easy administration of access rights. An Internet browser is integrated as well, which enables the display and operation from any workstation in the corporate network or from anywhere in the world. Extended maintenance and service function are new additions. It can be used to retrieve consumption and service-relevant key data from the Cologne site, but if necessary also to analyse fault messages from the heating system. With these values, many fault messages can be resolved even from Cologne. SchwankControl was specially developed for Schwank luminous and tube heaters as well as Schwank air heaters and connects the devices via the BUS system. The regulation maps the system parameters of the heating system in detail and goes far beyond the On/Off display prevailing in this sector. SchwankControl can be integrated into all commonly used building management systems. Thanks to integrated interfaces, the control system allows external extensions such as humidity sensors, gate switches and even light barriers for crane runways to be easily connected.

Air doors: Heat and cold remain where they are required

Schwank will also exhibit the SchwankAir air door systems at the ISH. The product, which was newly included in the program, prevents unwanted draughts in industrial buildings when the doors are open, i.e. when cold air enters in winter or, conversely, hot air enters air-conditioned rooms in summer. Air doors are to be seen as an addition to heating or cooling systems and serve primarily to avoid unnecessary energy losses and increase the comfort of the staff. SchwankAir air doors can be supplied both as cold air doors and as hot air doors.


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